A user profile is where you can see which on-call schedules you're on (and when they start next!) and how to set your contact rules.

Contact rules determine how and when you're contacted when an alert is assigned to you. An alert can be assigned to you automatically by virtue of a schedule that you're on, or manually by a user if your help is requested.

A contact rule has the following two properties:

  • minutes: how many minutes before making contact
  • method: whether to contact via email, phone or SMS

Each contact rule can make a notification via:

  • phone: the alert title will be read aloud, press 4 to acknowledge, 6 to resolve and 8 to escalate
  • SMS: the alert title will transmitted, reply 4 to acknowledge, 6 to resolve and 8 to escalate
  • email: the alert title and payload will transmitted

A typical set of contact rules might look like the following:

  • after 5 minutes, send me an email
  • after 7 minutes, send me an SMS
  • after 10 minutes, call me
  • after 12 minutes, call me again

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